About Jaefields

Portland-made menswear brand, Jaefields, is a style-forward apparel and accessories line by Wookie Fields, sourced from quality, raw goods across the world. Inspired by cultural elements, the collections reflect the brand’s mission of versatility and function, embodying modern minimalist design and attention to every last detail.

Jaefields creates unique styles with a focus on construction and wearability, from understated basics and wardrobe essentials to statement pieces - a result from excellent craftsmanship. The contemporary garments are new and unexpected, evolving with the experimental fashion landscape, making its mark in the menswear space.

Note from Wookie Fields

Jaefields started as my passion project, creating garments that I can wear from work to the weekend. The designs are influenced by and celebrate elements taken from my travels, art, culture and the beloved city of Portland.

Inspired to be exclusive and uncommon, I wanted to make something simple yet distinct through my choices in fabric, silhouette, texture and color, creating a wardrobe reflective of my personal and design style that I can share with others.

My mission is to provide garments that embrace everyday wear for everyone, designing styles that have a clean aesthetic and attract attention, standing out from the crowd. With my lifestyle molded around tech and sports, every piece has a personal touch with meticulous detailing, offering unique everyday menswear for creatives and professionals.