About Jaefields

Jaefields is Portland Made clothing and accessories by Wookie Fields.

Our mission is to achieve the pinnacle of versatility and function.  The quality of our garment is paramount.  We focus on the construction and wearability of each garment, and integrate that knowledge into our sourcing and design process.  We believe that what you wear should enhance how you look and feel – our goal is to capture that down to every last detail.



The Story

Almost two years after the launch of Jaefields, Wookie Fields has paved the way for Portland fashion. A Northwest favorite, Jaefields made its first runway appearance during 2014's Portland Fashion Week. The craft, quality, and attention to detail did not go unnoticed. His garments captivated designers, photographers and young entrepreneurs, bringing excitement to Portland’s emerging fashion scene.

Sourcing raw goods from across the world has helped Jaefields pull from a wide array of inspiration. Wookie brings these cultural elements back to Portland for production and ensures the quality and specifications meet his level of craftsmanship — down to the very last detail. With an extensive knowledge of fabric design and construction, he’s been able to create unique patterns and prototype garments for various wear tests. While he pushes the boundaries of menswear to their limits, the consistency and quality of his core threads remains the same.

 Jaefields garments stay true to Wookie’s mission of versatility and function: embodying modern minimalist design to make them extraordinary using unique, quality fabrics.

Every element of Jaefields is nothing but authentic, starting with the name derived from the Korean-American background of the founder himself. Although Wookie is a true adventure seeker and world traveler, he stays deeply rooted and invested in his hometown of Portland, OR. As Jaefields continues to grow, it’s presence stands out, and serves as an inspiration for the next generation of designers.