3 Hour Drive to Seattle

I used to drive up to Seattle every Friday at 12pm back in June 2017. Sometimes it would take exactly 2 hours and 30 min, some days up to 5 hours, depending on the traffic.

Regardless of the duration, the end goal was the same and to this day, that has not changed. It's hard to really put in words other than 'when you know you know...' or the way I put it, "The Feels".

When Jaefields first started back in 2013, Dave (estate owner) was the only person who actually gave me a chance with the brand, taking a chance on me. Fast forward 6 years, we're going back to where it all started, better than ever. So excited to just bring the vibes to Seattle again, to show love and do what I love.

This collection will be available on June 15th at the Estate shop exclusively and then online following week, with whatever inventory we have left over.

The collection is inspired by the Supersonics, the years when Portland Trailblazers was considered the younger brother...

  • Tie-dye Hoodie and Tee (collaboration garments)
  • Heather gray Box tee
  • Power mesh, old school shorts

Love is a sad story so while you have it, cherish it. Make the most out of it.