The Black Collection

Power.  Elegance.  Formality.  Mystery.  

You can never go wrong with wearing black: for all occasions and situations.  Each garment was constructed with specific fabric so that all can be worn together.

Brae Oversized Suede quarter zip s/s hoodie - black polyester suede // the oversize fit makes it easy to throw over your warmer fit in the cooler holiday weather.

Juneau Flannel - 100% yarn-dyed cotton flannel with straight bottom finish.  The decoration on the left forearm is the longitude and latitude code for our beloved city of Portland.

Burnside Premium L/S - constructed with rayon spandex jersey, the body hugging fit makes it a perfect first layer.  Super soft feel, perfect fit, it'll be your go-to shirt for many seasons.

Burnside Thermal L/S - same fabric as our premium but textured.  The thermal has a chest pocket and a unique curved cuff finish.

Hawthron Cropped Chinos - cotton poly black pinstripe cropped chinos with serge finish.  We're pushing the boundaries 

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