Back at it again

It's been forever since i've updated this blog because I honestly don't like writing PR or reading them.  So, this Jaefields blog will be more of a personal update of the brand, the process and things that are happening.  That way, I can update more frequently, give insight and just babble on about the things happening.

This summer has been one of the most interesting summers I've ever had.  Not only did we open up a flagship store for Jaefields but took some time off to just focus on taking a break.  When you create your own path, every minute, every dollar counts.  It's rare to take my mind off of "work".  I do envy those who can do 8-5 but I'm not complaining; I love what i do and the freedom that comes with it.

J, By the Collective

Our flagship store is located in the heart of Portland (205 SW Pine).  We house a two full time barbers, in house brand + Jaefields and apparel production services.  By end of September to mid October, we will introduce three new brands to our store and really kick off the holiday season shopping season.

2016 Fall Collection Part 1

Jaefields fall 2016 recently dropped.  It's slightly different from any of the previous releases as my focus was to bring more contemporary items into the mix.  There are two unique looks: denim jacket + button down + cropped chino // Hoodie + elongated long sleeve + comfy drop crotch shorts.  

Part 2

Get ready!  More goods coming soon your way.  Terry Drop crotch sweats!

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