For Portland, by Alex and Wookie

Three years ago Wookie and Alex came together to create a one-off sweatshirt. After a long hiatus of formally working together, secretly chopping it up and scheming for something fresh and exciting, Wookie and Alex are back with a very special kit that is close to their heart. A full fit inspired by Portland’s iconic winter season, which means two things; rain, and basketball.

As life long fans of basketball in RIP City, it was a no brainer that Wookie and Alex would partner up on something like this. A general frustration between the two grew around the sub-par nature of current Portland basketball merchandise. The Don C’s and Mitchell & Ness’ of the world have no interest in putting out something of high quality and “cool” for Portland because everything thinks of us as that small market hippy city. Sick of the identity, they set to work to create something new that would stand the test of time - from a style and quality stance.


The capsule is comprised of 3 key pieces; the perfect fitting hoodie (or so Alex claims), some badass shorts, and a cozy t-shirt that was hand-dyed by Alex in his back yard. This is meant to be a set that you can wear together, no more thinking about what to put on when it’s game day baby, or easily split up and worn with anything in your current wardrobe. The graphic is unashamedly bashful and loud - it’s right there in your face on all 3 pieces.

Available December 2nd in Portland and December 3rd online. Follow along on the Jaefields and Alex’s Instagram for more info on the release.


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