The Black Collection is progressive-wear that’s made to be responsive and versatile, pushing the limits of clothing down to the very last detail.  

I have hard time calling it street wear, workwear, modern — whatever that may be —and since everyone wants to hear a category, this is what I would call it: fit for a night out, or comfortable for a casual stroll.  The entire collection can be worn all together, or styled with other pieces. It’s up to you.

Brae - French Terry cotton spandex mix.  This t-shirt has been done as a collaborative art with Prospect 215.  With the reflective print of “Portland,” and using Prospect’s ‘P’ logo, it’s my interpretation of our city where we stay green with lots of bikes.  The straight cut bottom with less aggressive length, it's a great piece to layer over our burnside tee.

Burnside - Cotton poly spandex stripe tee.  Bringing back the fields collar, and using the unique heavy tri-blend fabric, the Burnside now presents the favorite stripe tee in a popular color way : both black and gray. The Burnside Premium Stripe Tee doesn’t showcase anything crazy, but rather uses quality materials and fine construction to create the perfect layering piece.

Fanno - Tech black hoodie with rose gold side seam zippers.  We’ve brought back our popular color way of the Fanno Hoodie that was released a year ago, but with a new and improved rose gold zipper.  You’ll find the same great fit — relaxed upper with tapered arms and torso — still using a premium tech black poly spandex mix.  Perfect fabric that's not too hot or cold.

Denim #1 - Stretch 98% & 2% cotton spandex solid black denim.  This slim fit pant, that showcases tapered leg openings, is the same fit as our raw denim, yet constructed with even more comfort in mind.  You can still achieve that great stacking look without compromising your comfort level: walking, bending down etc.  Not your typical fading denim as this piece will stay solid black even after many washes.

Overall, all the materials include some type of spandex mix with the fabric to give the pieces their stretch and responsiveness.  I don’t like it when I wear clothing that makes me feel uncomfortable or stiff, or simply stretch and never come back to it's original shape or form.  You wear these long enough, you will stretch it out but with the mix of spandex and right content mix you can bring back to it's original shape or close to it through gentle wash and dry.

Peace ✌
Wookie Fields

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