Collaboration: A.Corson x Jaefields Fanno Sage Crewneck

For me, true collaboration is when all the people participating in a project bring their unique set of skills to create something original or make something better.

Almost a year ago Alex first came to me with the idea of working together, and in all honesty I wasn’t quite ready. Not ready in the sense that I didn’t think it was a good idea, just not ready to divert attention from our main line of shirts. I’d only made four or five collections, and felt like I really needed to get a firm grasp of what my shirts were before being able to positively influence a collaboration.

 The Corson Raglan Crewneck features his signature side-seam opening, a relaxed box fit, and thumbholes on extra big cuffs. “The fit is very intentional, and something I was craving for myself. The body is boxy for maximum comfort and layering, with side slits that appear more intentional than just an opening seam”. One of the most important details Alex wanted was a thick hem on the bottom cuff. This helps the sweatshirt sit nicely over a t-shirt without bunching up — perfect for layering.

 Of course, the rest of the crewneck still has our usual gentle arm tapering, and a +2” length.

The Corson is constructed with 95/5 Cotton/Spandex/French Terry, which means this piece can be worn in in anything from warm spring weather to cold winter weather under a jacket. Its versatility makes it an essential for any wardrobe.

This collaboration came together nicely, and Alex and I are both thrilled for the release.   This piece will only be available online on 1/15/2016 through for $95 USD

Peace ✌
Wookie Fields

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