2015 Holiday Collection

2015 Holiday Collection uses traditional fabric and colors with modern fit and style, for both women and men.

I've been working on women's for the past year or so, on and off.  It was very difficult not only because it's something new but because I couldn't make a decision on the fit.  I knew I couldn't make it fit onto every single person, but when the fitting actually came, it was so much more difficult than what i used to do with our men's.

For guys, we typically make it fit or we simply size up or down.  But with women's, there are so many components I had to make 9 different sizes if I wanted to really put the right sizing out there.  After it was all said and done, I decided to go with what the brand was currently focused on: slightly loose, elongated shirts with material mixed with rayon and spandex.

Women's collection features two types of shirt and an outer top, which can be worn together.  The burnside tee in red/stripe is constructed with cotton/poly/spandex with slight elongated length that  makes it a perfect layering piece under a leather jacket, coat or a sweatshirt.  The black burnside is more aggressive  length - designed to be worn with leggings or even as a dress.  The quilted slough neck is almost a crop top, slight shortened front to make your high waisted denim visible.

Men's collection brings back some of my favorite fabric with to the go-to's for everyday wear.  The flannel is 100% cotton yarn-dyed, meaning it's super soft and not itchy like some.  The burnside is constructed with tri-blend poly/cotton/rayon jersey, making it super soft and keeps the same vintage look even after many washed.

I had some fun with this collection making "Couples Tee", allowing both the guy and the girl to dress same.  This was something big and i think it's still big in other parts of the world.  I've seen many people wear couple tee during their honeymoon or what not.  



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