October Capsule


One of the more unique colors you'll see on the market today is our Burnside Hoodie in Hot Navy.  The hoodie is accompanied by our denim #2 and our 5 panel cap.

The Burnside hoodie features the signature scalloped bottom, along with size seam zippers.  It's constructed with stretch poly tech: versatile, comfortable and guaranteed to turn heads.  Burnside hoodie is 1" shorter overall compared to our fanno hoodie.  I recommend wash cold and hang dry.  Its fabric content is comprised of 3% lycra, so if you do heat dry, you'll see minimal shrinkage.

The denim #2 has the same great fit as our denim #1, but because of the lighter weight and stretch, I recommend sizing down from your true sizing.  The inseam ankle zippers allow you to wear all types of shoes: zip it down when wearing athletic shoes and zip it quarter of the way for fashion sneakers.  Unlike our other denim, you can wash and dry these as you'd like.  I actually let these heat dry after 3 weeks of wear because they stretched out a bit; now they are back to normal, maybe 1/8" shrinkage and fit real well once again.

These caps were inspired by the military cap Jaylon & Kyle used to wear.  

I'm not a huge fan of large branding or logos, and the red velcro mimicked our logo the best without having an actual logo.  5 panel cap, curved bill & velcro sizing strap: "dad" swag.

Any questions or comments, feel free to email sales@jaefields.com or via Twitter or Facebook or Instagram!  

Peace ✌
Wookie Fields

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