Back To Basics, Fall 2015 Collection.

This entire collection, I took a step back and made lots of improvements on the fit, fabric choice and overall construction.  It's a great feeling to release a new design, but for Fall 2015, I wanted to make sure everything was on point.  Only one new silhouette in this collection, but the color palettes & fabric, improved fit and construction will change the way you look at such simple garments.

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The premium Burnside S/S features a heavy tri-blend jersey fabric with slight wide neck and elongated length.  Comparing to the original Burnside, changes were made to the neck, arm length, overall body curvature and construction.  Once I started to take apart the shirt, it was surprising how much improvement can be made on a such simple garment.

Fabric is key to Jaefields Premium Burnside tee.  It's heavy blend fabric gives the weight: makes you feel like you're wearing something.  I've always been a fan of heavier tees and this it.  The way it sits on your body is vastly different than any other shirts on the market: flat, clean and comfortable.

The scallop bottoms have more functionality that just style.  When it's a flat bottom with an elongated shirt, you often find yourself pulling it down or sitting them, only to stretch/ruin the shirt.  The scalloped (curved) bottom with side seam notches not only allows it to look natural when its bunched up around the waist but to access your pocket in an efficient way.

The Fanno Hoodie features a 3rd zipper, on top of your hoodie.  Away from being inspired by the varsity jackets back in high school, it's also to unzip the hoodie, let it sit comfortably on your back rather than having it stand up awkwardly all over your back.  The forearm print of Douglas Fir is the final touch of Made in Portland.

Constructed using stretch tech poly, the towards the forearm made a slight taper and added an inch to the overall length of the hoodie to go perfectly with our burnside tee.  

Introducing the Juneau Zip up.  Initially designed for the good dudes Kyle and Jaylon, the best barbers in the Northwest, and it's crucial for them to have a 'jacket' or a 'coat' that doesn't interfere with their routine.  It is constructed with stretch giraffe camo jacquard, serge finish 3/4 sleeves, slight elongated length with tonal front zipper.  It's the perfect fashionable and functional piece for all barbers, and of course for anyone.


Peace ✌ - Wookie

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