Brand New Everything

The year 2015 has been amazing.  We've had 4 amazing capsule releases with memorable photoshoots all along down the west coast, from the ocean sunrise to the middle of salt flat desert in an RV.  All of our garments have been very well received by you guys and the Burnside tee is making a name for itself.  I've been honored to work with so many amazing photographers each collection, I can't wait to collaborate with future garments.

I took few weeks away from product development to look at the brand as whole.  How is the brand being perceived?  Are we presenting everything to the best of the capabilities or doing it just because?  Is it too focused on product and not enough on imagery/presentation?  Do people want more of the story, history of the brand, history of where and why I started this brand?

It got me thinking and before I go any further, I need to take a step back and do better, with everything.  

Jaefields has moved into a work/retail space with our Portland Gear.  We're currently re-booting our website.  Making series of videos to capture our product inside out.  Writing the brand history, vision, collective of people who are involved.  Planning small events throughout the west coast.  

Thanks for the support as always.  My goal has always been to achieve the pinnacle of versatility and function in fashionable products, and I'm quite certain that I'm no where close and don't plan on stopping, whether it's through our current silhouettes or accessories or... 

Peace ✌ - Wookie

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