Behind the scenes: Fall Photoshoot in the Desert

About two months ago, my good friend (and amazingly talented) Tony Peniche suggested that I tag along with him to a photoshoot location.  Without any hesitation, I locked it down on my calendar, called up my boys Kyle and Jaylon, and then the rest was history.

We were accompanied by Sean Brown, Savannah Jackson, Chris Fischer and Mike Erdmann; these guys were some of the most talented and dedicated creatives to their art.  From the beginning to the end, it was fascinating to observe and learn from them.

 Highs around 100°F, lows near 50°F, from sunrise to sunset, a lot could happen with such fluctuation in the temperature: and it did!

  • the most beautiful sunrises and sunets
  • dry desert heat storm @ 20mph, eventually breaking our RV
  • over 100 feet tall sand storm
  • mesmerizing night sky full of bright stars
  • natural hot springs
  • just to name a few

I haven’t seen all the pictures yet, but we captured some of the most beautiful nature/landscapes, accompanied by some of Jaefields garments.  Really excited to see and share our next look book.  Rest of the 2015, I’ll be releasing

  • Black, Ivory & Maroon Burnside Premium
  • Maroon Fanno Hoodie
  • Black Quilted 3/4 Burnside Hoodie
  • Low-rise, slim fit solid black & white denim w/ inseam zippers
  • Mustard Fanno Crewneck

The list is not complete; it’s just to give you glimpse of what to expect for Fall and Holiday of 2015.  Check out these images of behind-the-scene.

Peace ✌ - Wookie


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