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The old adage goes “To know quality is to first have experienced it”. Wookie, the founder of Jaefields embodies exactly this type of experience. With over a decade of experience in apparel design and development, Wookie is truly an asset to the cut & sewn industry. The world is increasingly digitally focused and outputting quality garments using new-world method is considered a fleeting penchant, quite the antithesis for Wookie, the man at the wheel.

We can consider Jaefields an apparel incubation brand with global reach. Each collection carries an intimate and small batch appeal, perfect for those who seek perennial favorites in their wardrobe with care and attention. With a strong brand appeal and usage of innovative and functional materials, bespoke opportunities presented themselves, ushering in a new year for Wookie, Jaefields private label services.

Under the private label moniker, Wookie has designed and produced for 10 brands over the span of three years. Of them, the more notable ones include Nike, Jordan Brand and Adidas, an unbelievable feat for a single artisan embracing the ephemeral art of small batch cut and sew. Through empathy and industry know-how, Wookie educates on demographic styling, market shifts and seasonal palettes. This type of advisory is inclusive in the Private Label Program and has shown to have lasting financial impacts to the company.

This site serves as a portfolio, a private label love letter and proof of concepts for classic wardrobe staples…whatever gets us closer to feeling whole again as human in these profound and unprecedented times.